Which circle are you?

CLOUDCircles are user-driven communities to fund CLOUD's work on the future of the Internet. We're excited to launch this new initiative, and our long-term plan includes allowing users to create their own circles in support of CLOUD's initiatives. For now, we've picked a combination of our most active twitter hashtags and communities. Pick your circle, make a donation and help us spread the word.

"Just because we grew up with the Internet doesn't mean that the Internet is all grown up." — Sherry Turkle, founder of the MIT Media Lab

We couldn't agree more, and CLOUD needs your support and your financial contribution through its CLOUDCircles campaign to move the Internet beyond puberty!

CLOUDCircles, like donations to Wikipedia or other causes, is designed to be a people's IPO, the ability for individuals to contribute to a cause, in this case the future of their Internet. CLOUD is the Consortium for Local Ownership and Use of Data. Since we are a non-profit (filed for 501(c)(6)), we are not raising venture capital but still need financial resources to fund the team and execute our business plan and "Reweave the Fabric of the Internet to Transform Humanity."